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Random Mini Recs Post

Apart from a few recs at [community profile] fancake and some discursive essay-length comments about OTW and boards and ways to communicate, I've been pretty quiet recently.

So have some assorted recs:

Fanvid: "Masters of War (Pegasus Rising Remix)" by [ profile] bironic, gen/ensemble, SGA

Awesome look at the SGA that TPTB didn't realize they were showing us. Another fine offering to go with [ profile] fiercelydreamed's fic Pegasus Ethics and [ profile] yevgenie's vid Open Secrets of the Pegasus Galaxy (streaming here), in the "not quite the heroes they thought they were/wanted to be" genre.

(As someone else recently said, "Why did it take me this long to understand that SGA is the story of technologically advanced alien invaders told from the point of view of the alien invaders?")

[personal profile] bironic makes great use of close-up shots, effectively uses SGA's candy-colored palette to show the contrast between intent and reality, and tells an intimate and immediate story of suffering caused by supposedly good intentions.

And now for a much cheerier vid:

Fanvid: Starships! also by [ profile] bironic, gen (or "everyone/spaceships"), multifandom

Fabulous multifandom dance vid featuring lots and lots of starships and pilots and starship crews. Includes SGA and many other sources I love, including Galaxy Quest and "Pigs In Space," one of my favorite segments from The Muppet Show. Go watch "Spaceships!" now, it is so much fun!

This is rather a contrast to my favorite multifandom vid from last year, [personal profile] charmax's Space Girl, which also featured many SF canons I love but has an introspective, nostalgic feel with rather more longing and fewer epic space battles than this one. (Also much less Gateverse.) If you'd somehow missed Space Girl last year, it's also very much worth a watch.

Fanvid: A Different Kind of Love Song by [personal profile] giandujakiss (also on DW), gen (or "fans/fandom"), multifandom

A multifandom love song to fannish love as shown in texts. Lots of Galaxy Quest and many other canons that have featured fans, fan conventions, people being fannish, etc. If you like meta-references in your entertainment, check it out.

Fanvid: I Will Follow by [personal profile] isagel, ensemble, Survivors (BBC, 2008)

Not as recent and I recced this on [community profile] fancake not long ago, but I keep rewatching it because I love it so much, so I'll put in just a quick re-rec for it here: This is a fabulous apocavid and found-family and coming-of-age vid, and if you like those themes you want to watch this vid even if you've never heard of the canon.

Fanfic: The Little Sister by [ profile] Martha/[ profile] saffronhouse, ~53,200 words, John/Rodney, SGA

No longer a WIP, finished at last! And a very enjoyable read indeed. Noir AU set in the 1950s, with John Sheppard as a WWII veteran now making ends meet as a private dick in the best tradition of Raymond Chandler on an Earth that's been under Goa'uld control for millennia.

There's a love interest (Rodney) John's very reluctant about caring about, a glamorous dame, a MacGuffin, major changes in worldview for our intrepid(ish) protagonist, shoutouts to a McCarthy-era style political climate, and lots of great stuff written in prose that hit just the right notes for "noir detective pulp with aliens."


What, no more? Well, I haven't had time to start reading [ profile] mcshep_match yet and I still have several [ profile] sga_genficathon stories to rec (and some yet to read), so at some point in the next several weeks I should do another mini recs post.