13 November 2011

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It's election season for the OTW and there's a lot of talk about the org and its projects. And apparently a lot of unhappiness.

I didn't become a paid-up member in time to vote during this election. I'm not a volunteer (yet).

But I'm an avid user of the Archive of Our Own who also really loves Fanlore. And I very much believe in the parent org's goals and other projects; the legal advocacy, the Journal, Open Doors, etc.

Despite what a recent spate of unhappy outpourings says about the difficulty of getting heard as a volunteer or staffer or user by the people making decisions and certain seemingly large (but in my opinion not insurmountable) problems with how decisions are currently made at the OTW, if I had a vote, I would vote for Naomi Novik and (if her seat were up, which it isn't) Francesca Coppa in this election.

Not because what I've read makes me think they're unarguably doing the most fantastic jobs possible as a board candidate or board member.

But because: Read more... )

The less teal deer version:

I hope that every single member of the OTW's next board, no matter who is voted in, will challenge themselves to be insanely great -- about listening to, taking into consideration, and constructively using feedback from users, members, volunteers, staffers, other board members; adherents and naysayers and Devil's Advocates.
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As [personal profile] facetofcathy points out, anger or unhappiness about the rollout of the AO3's new skins should not be directed at [personal profile] lim. (Or at AO3 support.)

The way the rollout happened wasn't great.

Aspects of the negative response have felt... very unpleasant and disproportionate and misdirected and poorly handled and really really fucking sad. Lim is not perfect, the OTW board candidate who was as far as I can tell from the outside directly supervising her on the skins project and on the rollout isn't perfect and the people who are unhappy and angry in various forums are also sure as hell not perfect.

All I can think to say is: Read more... )



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