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SGA quick insta-rec: Homework and Fieldwork

Two of my favorite SGA writers have together created a lovely little series -- one story and a remix is two parts is a(n incipient) series, right? -- which, well, if I were greedy I'd say begs for more, but -- and here's where I get to the point -- is also instantly on my mental list of "favorite x-type stories" for various things.*

Quick! Go read
Homework by [ profile] busaikko (Ronon/John, ~1000 words)
and the remix
Fieldwork by [ profile] rheanna27 (Ronon/John ~3200 words)

*those things being, among others:
Awesome Dave Sheppard-POV and Ronon-POV and bits of tasty backstory. Why Ronon decides to learn English. ranting!Rodney who is a true friend. The sense of acceptance and community and family, and just oh yum, all of it.

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[personal profile] busaikko 2011-03-18 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
Hee, thank you! Sadly, I have no other stories in mind, but the titles really lend themselves to a series, don't they? (Yardwork, Housework, Busywork, Newark....)
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Why strikeout Newark? Obviously that's the Vegas-verse AU of this series, which I really want to read now! ;)

But yes, more -- Footwork, Wetwork, Needlework, Light Work? -- would be wondrous, if either of you were inspired... Or y'know/better yet, just go forth and write more of whatever pleases you. :)