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Ficwriting resource for all your LOLcat crossovers

...which the world needs more of. Or at least, I'd appreciate more.

Yes, just like my undissipated longing for The IT Crowd/The Big Bang Theory crossover fic featuring Moss/Sheldon (or Moss & Sheldon friendship or, heck, Roy/Penny and Jen/Leonard), I would really really like there to be (or to be pointed towards!) more well-written LOLcat crossover fic.

So (thank you [personal profile] facetofcathy for alerting me to it) I was deeply thrilled and excited and gratified to discover a very fine Tool -- and scholarly document! -- that will, I hope, make it easier for far more fic-writers to have fikshun cat makez a fanfikshun:

Writing Tips: LOLCAT for Fanfic Writers over at [ profile] fandom_grammar. Yes, fine, this was posted on April 1, but I implore you fic writers, use this as the fine and useful writers' tool it was clearly meant to be!

In addition, another few relevant fics besides the fine examples* used in the scholarly study:

JIM CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? by [ profile] winterover. Star Trek XI, Kirk/McCoy, PG-13, ~3200 words.
A translator device malfunction infects Jim with a speech disorder and associated personality traits. Absolutely hilarious. Bones's longsufferingness (is that a word?) is just the cherry on top. Also: WE HAS A TRU LUV.

Happee Days by [ profile] alyse. Ceiling Cat/Basement Cat, G, ~1100 words.
Alas, not a crossover (except with fiction rather more literary than the average LOLcat? So um, maybe a very special hybrid with The Master and Margarita?), but the romance between Ceiling and Basement Cat is very sweet. :)

Plus another scholarly resource (cribbed from the [ profile] fandom_grammar post's comments), which might be summarized as "LOLcat syntax: UR DOIN IT RONG": Cats Can Has Grammar by Anil Dash

* Those fine examples are:
Trying to Communicate by [personal profile] sam_storyteller/[ profile] copperbadge. Torchwood, background Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones (and unrequited LOLcat/Ianto?), PG, ~1700 words. ALIEN CAT IS ALIEN. Also, IT HAZ A YANTOE. Deservedly a classic.

untitled Inception comment fic by anonymous. Inception, Arthur/Eames, PG?, ~600 words. Oops, it's just better not to enter the dreams of people whose subconscious consists of Internet memes...

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Oh my.... Love this so much! :D Thank you for posting up the links, etc.!!

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Hee, I am glad to see that more fine people (like you!) are also able to properly appreciate this underrepresented fic genre. *craves more, tries to pimp LOLcat fic writing tool further* ;)

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Have you been to swim in the wonderful LOLcats of the LiveJournal Community [ profile] icanhazstargate? They're not fic, but.... I've got hubby hooked on that Community, which is a miracle in itself since he generally refuses to peruse anything that's on LiveJournal. :D

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Yes, thank you, I had! (And had been faintly wondering if there are such comms for other fandoms.) Over there, I especially loved this one ( :)

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Love that one! :D

I'm not sure if you'd like these, but there's [ profile] lolfirefly, [ profile] ihasatardis, [ profile] ihazastopwatch, and LolBuffy. There's also [ profile] cat_macros.

With a variety of fandoms mentioned (Stargate being one of them in several pics) is 20 sci-fi LOLcats that may actually make you LOL.

And, while the collection to be linked doesn't have any NSFW content, there are pics on the side for other collections that are NSFW, so beware when checking out Lolcats Star Wars edition Gallery at eBaum's World.

For Star Trek there is a wonderful LOLTrek edition called "We Has Tribbles and also Troubles".

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Oh excellent, thank you for these links! I will check them out. :)
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♥ back! Now just hoping some more people get inspired by your Writing Tips post! :)