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In the last few days, my (Newer) SGA Fic Readers Guide has sparked discussion in a few places about the prevalence of McShep-focused resources in the fandom. (My guide does include a lot of links to McShep-focused resources, but it also includes many to non-McShep ones. However, if you're a reader who prefers to avoid the McShep pairing, I can see that it would not be the most useful guide for you.)

The upshot, which is wonderful and exciting, is that there's a project underway to create a whole slew of Guides to SGA Fanworks (which I suspect will also be less heavily fic-focused than mine, as a hardcore reader, is) that focus on a range of different genres -- gen, and many, many different pairings that aren't McShep, and character-focused intro pages and more.

More resources -- a win for the fandom! )
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In recent weeks and months, I've seen stories by several SGA writers get friendslocked or taken offline entirely. In a very few cases, I've had comment- or PM-conversations with those writers. Usually me telling them -- very belatedly -- about my enjoyment of the stories and asking if sharing the stories would still be okay.

Fic writers have many reasons for taking stories down -- from offline and online life inadvertently crossing streams to RL concerns to disagreements to no longer feeling comfortable with a topic they wrote about or with a fandom-related online presence, or anything under the sun.

Whatever the writer's reason, they wrote the words and have the right to do with them what they want or need to. Read more... )

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* Or got a free copy of it because the author Creative Commonsed it or handed out free copies in another fashion because they want people to share their work.

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