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Apart from a few recs at [community profile] fancake and some discursive essay-length comments about OTW and boards and ways to communicate, I've been pretty quiet recently.

So have some assorted recs: fanvids and fanfic, SGA and more )
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...which the world needs more of. Or at least, I'd appreciate more.

Yes, just like my undissipated longing for The IT Crowd/The Big Bang Theory crossover fic featuring Moss/Sheldon (or Moss & Sheldon friendship or, heck, Roy/Penny and Jen/Leonard), I would really really like there to be (or to be pointed towards!) more well-written LOLcat crossover fic.
Therefore, a tool and some recs! )

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Two of my favorite SGA writers have together created a lovely little series -- one story and a remix is two parts is a(n incipient) series, right? -- which, well, if I were greedy I'd say begs for more, but -- and here's where I get to the point -- is also instantly on my mental list of "favorite x-type stories" for various things.*

Quick! Go read
Homework by [ profile] busaikko (Ronon/John, ~1000 words)
and the remix
Fieldwork by [ profile] rheanna27 (Ronon/John ~3200 words)

*those things being, among others:
Awesome Dave Sheppard-POV and Ronon-POV and bits of tasty backstory. Why Ronon decides to learn English. ranting!Rodney who is a true friend. The sense of acceptance and community and family, and just oh yum, all of it.

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Long, romantic, and feelgood, for your February 14 reading pleasure -- a very few selected stories. From (surprise!) several fandoms. Still, leading off with... ♥ ♥ ♥  Read more... )

In case you're not familiar with the canon sources for the (crossed-over/fused with) fandoms for these stories -- don't worry! In several cases, neither was I. :)

A few I've seen or read a bunch of, but for others I've only watched 2 or 3 episodes, for some I've seen just a trailer or a fanvid or two, and for a few I looked up the source on wikipedia -- after reading the fic. They were still all highly readable, enjoyable stories.

ETA: I just stumbled across a reccing comm that looks like it was made for meee, [ profile] epic_recs, which focuses on longer, well-written stories (in a variety of fandoms, handy now that I've branched out a bit from SGA). At least one of my favorite reccers from over at [ profile] sgagenrefinders recs there regularly, so now I'm just sorry I didn't find the comm earlier in my fic-reading! They have a bunch of Harlequin-type recs up this week (and several of the stories in this post have been recced there), so if you want more longer, well-written (romance or not) stories, go check out [ profile] epic_recs. :)

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I've dipped my toe a tiny bit in the waters of "real" reccing (as opposed to more casually recommending stories in replies at the wonderful [ profile] sgagenrefinders comm), mainly by posting some recs over at [ profile] sgversetop5 and in a few posts in this journal. If anyone's curious, here's the consolidated linkage for their whereabouts: Read more... )
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